Website Redesign [Oriel, publisher]

Website Redesign [Oriel, publisher]

//Website redesign for an anti-ad blocking startup

Role: UX/Visual Designer. Collaborated with the Product Owner and two Developers.

Oriel provides a platform dedicated to publishers who wish to reengage ad-blocking audiences. Their service needed a new website design to better represent the ingenious features and benefits to publishers and encourage them to try out and be convinced by the innovative platform.


1 - Gathered business requirements

Oriel’s new website had a simple goal: better dive into the benefits of using their platform and better representing their features in a more visual way, while adjusting the website design for a more “tech” feeling. Oriel had already done their user research and we knew that their clients are large publishers confronted with a loss of ad revenue, on which many rely to continue operations, due to their readers’ increased use of ad-blockers. Oriel offered several tools within their platform that tackled the problem and it was crucial that the visitors would quickly learn the value of their tools.

2 - Ideation - created the wireframes and design

I worked on the customer journey map and the user flow as well as wirefraes and after some feedback sessions, I started working on the high def design and the illustrations. After feedback sessions with the extended team, we had a clickable prototype ready to be tested.

3 - Tested the design with first time users

It's not exactly a walk in the park to find big publishers willing to test out your site, but I thankfully have a background in journalism and managed to find a few people in my network who had some power of decision in their news companies and I asked them to perform some specific tasks while walking me through their actions. When left to their own devices, most of them scrolled the entire front page, tried to get the downloadable report and were asking questions about the features before realizing there’s a Features page. According to their behavior and feedback, I made the necessary changes, went through another round of internal feedback and we had our design ready to go.

4 - Prepared the design for development

I prepared all the documentation, assets and interactions for Oriel’s development team.