GoCustomized Website Redesign

//Website redesign for an ecommerce brand

Role: UX/UI Designer. Collaborated with the CEO.

GoCustomized.com allows users to personalize their own phone cases (or gadgets & T-shirts) with their own photos, designs, text, stickers etc. With a complete rebranding and armed with a new and shiny design tool, the website needed an update as well to better serve visitors and to tempt users to make their own case designs.


1 - Gathered business requirements

With a new and powerful design tool in the works, I was tasked with redesigning the website to make it appealing, friendly and encourage users to find their phone model and make a case. The website design had to be straightforward, push the phone models first and appeal to a young and hip target market without being too in-your-face and repel older and more conservative users. Due to the budget and time constraint, I had to keep the design and website structure close to the older Magento-based website.

2 - Researched the users

GoCustomized clients were typically women between 15-45 years old who mostly used the tool to create cases with photos of their friends, family and pets. Management wanted to also target men and a younger group, so we set our target group as 18-35yo men and women, students or young professionals who want a protective case for their phone that is also completely personal and representative of themselves. The website had to appeal to a younger audience, had to be friendly, modern and make it very easy for users to find their phone models.

3 - Ideation - created the wireframes and design

Between multiple internal feedback sessions, I created wireframes and then multiple variations on the website design until we reached a final design that management was happy with. I also contributed to copywriting for the Careers page.

Front page wireframe

4 - Tested the design with first time users

Time constraints allowed for some ad-hoc testing sessions with people from the target market that agreed to test out the website remotely. I made a clickable prototype of the desktop website in InVision and had them test it out by asking them to imagine they really need a case for their new iPhone 6 and just landed on this website from Google. They all first looked for the phone model and then for the different case types (confirming that we needed to focus the website on the models and not on the type of phone case, as cool as wooden or 3D cases are) and all reached the design tool with ease. I asked them to check out the other pages for opinions and with the final feedback and another internal feedback session, we had our final design, complete with custom icons and illustrations.

B2B page

5 - Prepared the design for development

With everything set and approved, I uploaded the desktop & mobile designs, illustrations, svg icons, interactions and guides to Google Drive. The Development team working on the website was external and we collaborated on Slack.