GiftSearch Website Design

//Website design & branding for a gift searching engine

Role: UX/UI Designer. Collaborated with the Software Developer.

GiftSearch is a web engine that helps users find the best gifts for their loved ones by inputting a few details about them that would generate a list of hand-picked gifts.


1 - Gathered business requirements

GiftSearch is a personal project that I worked on with Software Developer Victor Avasiloaei. We wanted to build a tool that would allow people to easily find interesting gifts for their loved ones. We wanted it to be simple to use, fun and useful.

2 - Researched the users

As reddit users who had the idea for the website while reading users' complaining about not finding gifts, we set our target market to 18-45 year-old men and women with a bigger focus on women, middle class, more on the geeky side and somewhat tech-savvy. I launched a survey to gauge their interest and see what type of gifts they have bought recently - according to their feedback (soooo many pillows and Star Trek merchandise), we set out to build our website.

3 - Ideation - created the wireframes and design

In collaboration with the Software Dev, I created the wireframes and set the user flow of the website and when we agreed on a good structure, I designed the pages for mobile and desktop and created illustrations. We also built a system that allowed users to save favorite gifts and to set up notifications to receive an email when their selected gifts prices drop. I also wrote the entire copy of the website.

Favorited products

4 - Tested the design with first time users

I made a quick clickable desktop prototype of the website with a few sample gifts and recruited people from the target market to test it out remotely. We spotted some problems with the layout and the flow, fixed everything and we had our final design!

5 - Prepared the design for development

I uploaded the designs, svg icons, illustrations, interactions and guides to our Dropbox. The Software Developer and I collaborated closely during the development to make sure everything looks and works exactly as we want it.