GoCustomized Rebranding

//Rebranding of an ecommerce brand

Role: Visual Designer. Collaborated with the CEO and 2 Marketing Managers.

GoCustomized.com allows users to personalize their own phone cases (or gadgets & T-shirts) with their own photos, designs, text, stickers etc. The management wanted a complete rebranding to better show the brand as modern, appealing to a younger audience, but also friendly, approachable and professional.

Some first versions of the logo

I conducted qualitative research on our users - customer calls and good old fasioned google - and GoCustomized clients were typically women between 15-45 years old who mostly used the tool to create cases with photos of their friends, family and pets. The stakeholders wanted to also target men and a younger group, so we set our target group as 18-45yo men and women, young professionals who look for great personal gifts or to express themselves with a personalized item.

Taking the research into account, I had a clear idea of what people we were designing for.

For the logo font I modified Renner, a sans serif font the creator calls “perpetually modern”, while the symbol I created consists of 3 intertwined circles that symbolize unity, timelessness and constant movement – the resulting icon then perfectly embodies the personality of GoCustomized.

Style guide cover

The brand colors: Coral combines the best of orange and pink: optimism, warmth, happiness and a sense of adventure! It’s tempered by the dark blue that gives off elegance, confidence and trustworthiness. The periwinkle blue is a calm color that I use as an accent color and to soften the first two bold brand colors.

I created icons and illustrations and designed a style guide that encompasses the essence of the brand (fun, playful, trustworthy) and gives examples and guidelines on what and how to use design when representing the brand. I built a design pack that included the style guide, icons, illustrations and other example uses and uploaded it to the company’s Drive account.


Style guide illustrations