Proxmate Rebranding

//Rebranding for a browser extension

Role: Visual Designer. Collaborated with the Product Owner.

Proxmate is a browser extension that enables users to bypass regional restrictions and browse previously restricted websites at high speed and completely privately. It started as a developer’s hobby project and evolved into a business that served over 300K users.

Proxmate went through a management change that set into motion a rebranding - they wished for the brand to be perceived as friendly and trustworthy, to imply protection and security and to subtly hint at one of the main channels users could unblock using their service.

For the wordmark I used and modified the font Print Clearly, a light font with rounded letters and no frills, giving off trustworthiness and a straightforward attitude. The icon represents a dog with a shield in the center - quite obviously implying protection, safety and friendliness. The red and gray colors signify determination, action, energy and illustrate the playful personality of Proxmate while underlining its reliable and dependable characteristics.

Along with the logo, I created icons, illustration, a style guide and a Design Pack that I uploaded to the company’s Drive account.