Vireo App Branding

//Branding for an Android chat app

Role: Visual Designer. Collaborated with the Project Manager.

Vireo is a mobile app developed by Forsage Holdings that enables people from all over the world to have and use their own UK mobile number, among other excellent features. While developing the app, they also needed to find a name and create a fitting brand that would help people perceive the brand as trustworthy, friendly and energetic.

„Vireo” comes from Latin and it means „I am lively, I am strong” and it is also used for a genus of small and very chatty birds, often described as „tireless songsters”. The meaning of the name and the bird symbol that forms a subtle V perfectly embody the bright and dynamic characteristics of the brand.

The wordmark was created and modifying the Arcon font, a clean, elegant font with bold lines and sharp edges, to perfectly capture the boldness and elegance of Vireo.

The final logo

The color palette consists of a soft green, a bold yellow, dark gray and black. Green is associated with life, with vitality and progress. It is used to foster creativity and this shade with a slight blue tint perfectly captures Vireo’s energy and youthfulness. The vibrant yellow makes a great contrast with the green and it expresses happiness and optimism - it’s an excellent color for calls-to-action and elements that need to stand out.

I created icons and illustrations and designed a style guide that encompasses the essence of the brand and gives examples and guidelines on what and how to use design when representing the brand. I built a design pack that included the style guide, icons, illustrations and other example uses and uploaded it to the company’s Google Drive account.

Vireo app in the Google Store

Vireo icons