Align Summits Identity

//Identity for a series of Align Summits EMEA

Role: Visual Designer. Collaborated with the Global Creative Director and the local Marketing Managers.

The Align Summits are a series of large scale summits that take place every year in UKI, DACH, France, Italy and Iberia - they are dedicated to Orthodontists to inform them of best practices and Invisalign innovations, among many more.

Previously, the summits did not have a particular identity and just used Align and Invisalign branding haphazardly. Each region had to have their separate identity that fit in with main Align brand, so I collaborated with the Global Creative Director to create custom logos and a coherent identity for all of the summits. Each region had their own logo (all the same style to keep comsistency) and an icon of one of their most important local landmarks.

I created templates for each summit for a variety of materials, including newsletters (design and code), flyers, agendas, badge designs, booklets, web & print banners etc.

In 2019, the Align Summits were a complete success, especially the Italian Summit, gathering thousands of Orthodontists to their workshops and shows.