Other UX / Visual / Graphic design work

//Other UX / Visual / Graphic design work

Eligo Squares Branding

Role: Visual Designer. Collaborated with the Partners.

Eligo Squares is the brand name for elegant pocket squares for men to wear with a suit in formal and business occasions. The partners first needed a suitable name and a brand for their product - the brand name and logo had to give off sophistication, uniqueness, while being inviting and promising luxury. It also had to be perceived as approachable, seeing as how the product would be affordable luxury.

Eligo Pockets logo versions

From a list of possible names and their significance, the clients chose Eligo which comes from lat. eligo = I pick out, choose, elect. So we had our name: Eligo Squares.

The icon represents pocket squares and folds, set in a diamond shape to suggest balance and progress. The wordmark and corners of the icon are rounded to give off friendliness and make it seem approachable - as opposed to can’t-touch-this brands.

Eligo Pockets final logo

Eligo Squares on Amazon

Methyss Art Branding

Role: Visual Designer. Collaborated with the Artist.

Ruxandra Tudorica is a brilliant digital artist and illustrator, specialized in 3D manipulation and digital painting. She requested a minimal logo that would inspire versatility and perfection, mystery and creativity, trustworthiness but make one think of the occult. She said she prefered a cat or a moth to be included.

Methyss Art logo versions

I created a few options and she was smitten with the logo that included a cat looking into the beyond (representing mystery and confidence), and two repeating celtic symbols that represent the sun, permanence, stability and optimism. She chose only one change to the logo - the ears of the cat should be inside of the circle to keep an infinity symbolism (I drew the ears outside the circle for its "out-of-the-box" vibe).

Methyss Art logo versions

Methyss Art

MyPersonalisedCase Website Redesign

Role: UX/UI Designer. Collaborated with the CEO and the Marketing Manager.

MyPersonalisedCase allows users to customize their phone cases with their own photos and designs. They needed a website redesign to show them as a modern brand that appeals to a wide audience and to make it easy for users to quickly and easily design their own cases. The sitemap had to be kept intact for SEO purposes, so I redesigned the website and the pages’ content taking a minimalist approach with few colors, lots of white space and material design, leaving bright colors only to images of people and products and a bright yellow for CTAs to help the users focus only on product images, promotions and CTAs.

The website is under construction.

MyPersonalizedCase mobile front page

Pregnancy Parcels Website Design

Role: UX/UI Designer. Collaborated with the CEO and the Marketing Manager.

Pregnancy Parcels is an online store that offers special kits with carefully selected products for the well-being of the expecting mother in each stage of the pregnancy. Management requested a modern design that would be easy to build with an existing Wordpress theme and a new color theme that makes people perceive the brand and the products as natural, green, perfect for the most sensitive people - such as, of course, the pregnant women target group. I also designed a page that allowed users to search for a symptom and receive product recommendations that would help resolve it.

They are currently building a new website to move off of Wordpress.